Containment Pans

Top Quality Spill Containment Pans From Steelman Equipment

The essential addition to heavy machines that need fueling are the spill containment tanks. Spill containment tanks help prevent fuel waste or accidental spillage.

Steelman Equipment is one of the top distributors of fuel tank containment pans. Our pans are available in a wide variety of sizes that can fit the fuel tank you use. In many states, there are regulations that require you to have containment pans for fuel storage tanks to comply with environmental policies. The spill containment pans we assemble are easy to install and can be customized for any sizes and also meet all regulations.

Secondary containment tanks are always the right choice!

Steelman Equipment offer custom built spill containment pans holding fuel tanks of different sizes. The standard size of the pans we make range from 275 to 10,000 gallons. We can also customize the tank to be of any size that you require. All pans are installed on skids and have a 2” threaded drain to remove water that accumulates in the pan. The pans have forklift pockets cut out of the skids so that they can be moved from the end or the side. All the secondary containment tanks are made of premium quality materials for maximum durability.

The standard sizes of our oil tank containment tray

We offer a wide array of containment pans for your needs. You can find the cost of the oil tank containment tray according to their sizes listed below.

Containment Pan Size Cost
500 Gallon $950.00
1000 Gallon $1,650.00
2000 Gallon $2,250.00
3000 Gallon $3,000.00
4000 Gallon $4,000.00
5000 Gallon $5,000.00
6000 Gallon $5,750.00
10,000 Gallon $7,500.00
Steelman Equipment, LLC, Tractor Equipment & Parts, Grand Prairie, TX

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