The Top Dozer Root Rake Manufacturer in the USA

Steelman Equipment specializes in producing top of the line dozer root rakes. Ideal for clearing land and moving woody debris,  root rakes for dozers are a useful attachment for the bulldozers and other heavy equipment. The solid tines allows for easier penetration into hard ground and help in clearing land more effectively. Our rakes are designed with quality, durable material. We also make mounting brackets and pins that can help you to attach the rakes to your dozer easily.

Are you still on the lookout for a brush rake for your Dozer?

Dozer rakes can be efficiently employed in:

The varieties of Dozer Root Rake for sale

Steelman Equipment assembles different kinds of dozer root rakes for sale in USA that fit all sizes of dozers. You also have the option to customize your dozer rake attachment. Below is a list comprising the most popular root rake sizes that we offer:

Standard 8 Foot Rake $2875

10 Foot Rake $3250

Custom Rakes

Mounting Brackets